What are the medical uses of medical centrifuges?

Technical Knowledge 2016-12-06 10:01:12
Medical centrifuges are widely used in medical research or hospital testing. Now more centrifuges are used in hospitals, such as high-speed centrifuges, blood centrifuges, blood card centrifuges, urine sediment centrifuges, capillary centrifuges, and cytocentrifugation. Machines, biopharmaceutical centrifuges, gel bubble processing centrifuges, etc., have a wide variety of functions, and their functions are not the same.

In recent years, the rapid development of biomedicine, medical centrifuges have also made rapid development, and has formed a separate market structure different from low-speed centrifuges. It is expected that the future growth momentum will continue to be maintained, and more research institutions will be attracted. The medical centrifuge is also the fastest-growing classification product in the centrifuge industry.

The technology of the medical centrifuge is relatively simple. Generally, the multi-zone is centrifuged. The zone centrifugation separates and collects the cells, viruses and DNA molecules according to the density and gradient of the sample solution. The sample loading and sampling are carried out in a continuous manner. Widely used in production, it is now widely used in laboratories. The speed is generally adjustable and has a high rotational speed. In order to reduce the weight of the body and the drum, the outer casing is generally made of plastic or other non-reactive alloy material, and the interior is made of light alloy or other non-reactive material.

First, For separating particles suspended in solution

1. Do not separate from the blood, and concentrate the cells or other constituents in the body fluid for analysis and determination;

2. Different from ligands and free ligands that bind to proteins or antibodies;

3. Don't leave the protein that has been deposited in the specimen.

Second, do not separate from two different density of mutually incompatible liquid

1. If using organic solvents to extract certain components from body fluids;

2. Keep away from the lipid components in the blood, such as chylomicrons and various lipoproteins in the plasma.

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