Medical centrifuge operating specifications

Technical Knowledge 2016-12-16 10:08:28
With the continuous development of China's pharmaceutical industry in recent years, the application of medical centrifuges has become more and more extensive. We can see it in the laboratory and laboratory of the hospital. The main function is to scatter the particles in the solution. Separation and separation of liquids that are incompatible with each other at two different densities.

When we purchased a brand new medical centrifuge, the first thing we need to do is to install it. During the installation and use, we may encounter many problems. Next, we will introduce the medical centrifuge in detail. Some notes on the machine during use.

First, install the centrifuge correctly

1. Find the right horizontal position: When installing the medical centrifuge, pay attention to the installation position. When installing, the centrifuge cover should be opened as much as possible. Use a small level to find the level on the main shaft, and then adjust the adjustment bolts next to the four casters. In order to find a good level, one thing to note is that one of them cannot be lost.

2. Requirements for installing the ground: For the centrifuge, in order to ensure the normal use in the later stage, the requirement for the ground is that the floor should be firm and not recessed, and the ground at the installation and fixing should be flat and firm.

3. Power supply voltage: The voltage fluctuation should meet the national standard within +10%. If the voltage fluctuation is above this, it is recommended to use a voltage regulator. The wiring of the power supply should meet the requirements. The zero line should be separated from the ground line when using three-phase electricity. More importantly, whether it is three-phase industrial power or not, the general single-phase power is good, and the ground wire should be reliable to avoid leakage.

Second, clean up the water in the cavity of the medical centrifuge

During the operation of the medical centrifuge, the moisture in the air will freeze in the centrifuge chamber. When the machine is stopped, the frost will turn into water. Since most centrifuges have no drain, as time goes on, There will be more and more water in the centrifuge chamber, which requires us to regularly clean up the water during use.

Third, strictly stop the occurrence of broken shaft accidents

Nowadays, most centrifuges have unbalanced protection, but once the rotor is not placed well, or the sample imbalance is too large, the centrifuge will start, which will cause a safety accident, due to the sudden break of the shaft during high-speed rotation, centrifugation The rotor has no support, and it is turned into a chaotic collision in the centrifugal chamber, so that the centrifuge can be turned to a 270° angle. At this time, if there are people or equipment next to it, it will cause casualties and damage to the equipment.

Fourth, to prevent the centrifuge rotor from being corroded

Generally speaking, the centrifuge rotor is made of aluminum alloy. Once the aluminum alloy is corroded, it is very prone to accidents. After cleaning the rotor, we must blow it dry with a hair dryer, or invert it for a period of time to confirm that it can be used. . Also pay attention to the test tube with or without cracks. If the test tube (especially the test tube used repeatedly) has cracks, it must not be used. Otherwise, the test tube rupture will cause the rotor to lose its balance during rotation, which may cause a vicious accident such as broken shaft.

From the above introduction, we can find that once there is a problem in the use of the medical centrifuge, it will be very serious, and even threaten the safety of the operator, so we must strictly follow the specifications of the centrifuge during use. Do not operate by yourself.

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