How to choose a small lab spray dryer?

Technical Knowledge 2016-06-08 09:50:54
As we all know, the pharmaceutical profession is different from the general production profession, and the requirements in all aspects are relatively more stringent. Regarding the production enterprises, the selected production equipment and so on must also satisfy many specifications and requirements. In the process of producing pharmaceuticals, it is often demanding boring, and now the drug is dry and can use a special spray dryer to achieve a good effect.

First, the question to be considered is whether it is satisfied with the requirements for environmental protection. As a production company, this is also an important aspect. When using a special spray dryer, we should also equip the corresponding dust removal equipment so that we can reach the specification of exhaust emission concentration.

Second, when we purchase a small spray dryer for pharmaceuticals, we must consider whether it can meet the requirements for quality of hygiene. In practice, it is required that the air demand of the tower can be used after purification treatment. In addition, the operation state of the boring tower should be kept at a slight positive pressure. The product is output at the bottom of the boring tower cone, and then the product collection and packaging is completed in the clean room.

Thirdly, when we buy a small spray dryer for pharmaceuticals, we must consider whether it will cause pollution to the product. All the materials and hot air touches must be made of stainless steel. To produce pollution, the stainless steel trademark used should also be satisfactory for the pH (pH) requirements of pharmaceutical materials.

Fourth, when users purchase pharmaceutical-specific experimental spray dryers, they need to pay attention to several aspects. As long as they are satisfied with these requirements, they can reach the production specifications in the pharmaceutical process, otherwise they will bring about production. The impact of suffocation. The following will be specifically clarified on this issue, hoping to assist us.

Fifth, the time for small-scale spray dryers for pharmaceuticals must ensure that the equipment has a good sealing function, does not bring new sources of pollution, and the inner wall ensures smooth and flat, and the structure should be as simple as possible, easy to clean and reliable.

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