Mini Portable Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Instrument Mini Portable Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Instrument Mini Portable Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Instrument Mini Portable Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Instrument

Mini Portable Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Instrument

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The Gentier mini portable fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument is specially designed for mobile laboratories, small laboratories or on-site testing. This product is small and portable, flexible to control, efficient fluorescence detection, and excellent temperature control. It allows PCR fluorescence quantitative detection to go out of the laboratory. More places to play a role, bring unlimited convenience to your work!
  • BrandLABOAO
  • ModelGentier mini
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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Gentier mini, which inherits the excellent performance of the LABOAO fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument, came into being. It is specially designed for mobile laboratories, small laboratories or on-site testing. It can not only solve the problems of limited testing sites and scattered samples in small farms or pet hospitals, but also It can provide guarantee for the rapid issuance and analysis of results, and facilitate the accurate and rapid detection of animal diseases.


1. Mini body, 3.2KG light weight, patented design, no need to calibrate fluorescence after moving.

2. Flexible control: network port, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth multiple interconnection methods, so that touch screen stand-alone operation, computer PC software, tablet computer or mobile phone remote control becomes possible.

3. Multiple user-friendly designs: 7-inch large-size high-definition LCD screen displays more high-definition, touch screen is more sensitive, and has features such as power failure protection; restarts and continues to run without fear of unexpected situations.

4. Efficient heating and cooling, precise temperature control, 1 second 16-hole dual-color fluorescence scanning, race against time for results.

5. Independent temperature control module, support landing PCR, long fragment PCR; Qualitative and quantitative, melting curve, SNP site analysis, the software is still powerful.

6. A variety of experimental functions can be implemented to meet the diverse testing needs of customers in various fields.

7. Software analysis function is powerful, single machine can directly analyze data and print directly after connecting to the printer.

8. Application areas: food safety, infectious disease prevention and control, scientific research, animal diseases, environmental monitoring.



Gentier mini

Detection throughput


Fluorescence channel


Applicable consumables

0.2mL transparent single tube and 8-connected tube

Applicable probe/dye

Channel 1: FAM, SYBR Green 1, SYTO 9, EvaGreen, LC Green

Channel 2: HEX, VIC, TET, JOE

Heating rate

The average heating rate is 3.3°C/s, the maximum heating rate is 4.5°C/s

Cooling rate

The average cooling rate is 3.0°C/s, the maximum cooling rate is 4.2°C/s

Temperature accuracy


Light source

High-brightness long-life maintenance-free LED light source

Detection time

1s to complete all the fluorescence channel information collection of   all holes

Temperature control program

Support standard PCR, landing PCR, long fragment PCR, etc.

Software analysis function

Qualitative analysis, absolute quantitative analysis, relative   quantitative analysis, end point fluorescence analysis, melting curve   analysis, SNP analysis, etc.

Display screen

7-inch full-color high-definition LCD capacitive screen

Various control methods

Method 1: Through the touch   screen of the instrument, the unit operation stores at least 1000 data

Method 2: Control through   computer software

Method 3: Remote control via   tablet/mobile APP

Result analysis

The experimental results can be directly analyzed on the instrument,   printed directly after connecting to a thermal or Bluetooth printer, or   analyzed through PC software or device APP

Interconnection method

Network port, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth

Power failure protection

Instantaneous power-off protection, automatically continue to run   unfinished experiments after the instrument is restarted

Dimensions and weight

153mm(length) ×205mm(width) x141mm (height), 3.2Kg

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