16 Holes Real Time PCR Machine 16 Holes Real Time PCR Machine 16 Holes Real Time PCR Machine
16 Holes Real Time PCR Machine 16 Holes Real Time PCR Machine 16 Holes Real Time PCR Machine

16 Holes Real Time PCR Machine

The 1600 fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument is a portable fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument. This product can be used for real-time detection in pastures, forest farms, farms and water sources, rapid diagnosis of disasters, epidemic prevention and control, inspection and quarantine in the field of food safety, and scientific research in biological laboratories.
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  • Model LPCR-Q1600
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The 1600 fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument is a portable fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument. This product adopts dual-channel dual-8-hole module design, which can realize multi-purpose of one machine. Built-in 7-inch high-definition TFT color touch screen, WIN10 operating system, built-in analysis software, can complete quantitative analysis and print reports without a computer. It adopts American MARLOW customized Peltier module, high-sensitivity photodetector and side scanning technology to ensure superior performance and stable detection results.


1. Dual-channel dual-module design, freely collocated with experiments, can realize the independent operation of 2 different programs;

2. Small size, light weight, easy to carry;

3. Powerful software analysis functions, which can perform quantitative analysis, melting curve analysis, genotyping, etc.;

4. 7-inch capacitive touch screen, Win10 operating system, easy to operate and easy to use;

5. Built-in 20G Flash memory, which can save up to 40,000 experimental data;

6. Optional printer, no need to connect the computer to print the experimental results directly;

7. Using side scanning technology, the detection distance is short, and the fluorescence acquisition signal is stable;

8. Dark box type reaction tank to avoid background noise;

9. The same collection optical path is used to improve repeatability;

10. Using LED light source, energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, maintenance-free;

11. The unique suction-type electromagnetic lock cover technology prevents the accidental opening of the hot cover and causes the experiment to fail;

12. The front soft shutdown button can prevent occasional file or data loss from hard shutdown;

13. Constant current control circuit, smooth power output, prolong Peltier life and improve temperature control accuracy;

14. It has protection functions such as over-current, over-temperature, power-down data self-recovery, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the experiment;

15. The front and rear air duct design can be placed side by side to save laboratory space;

16. It can support lithium battery power supply, especially suitable for quick inspection and field inspection.







16×0.2ml (2×8 wells, double module)

Applicable consumables

0.2ml thin-walled transparent single   tube, 0.2ml thin-walled transparent eight tubes

Reaction system


Temperature Range

0~100 (resolution: 0.1°C)

Maximum heating and cooling rate



Temperature control technology

American MARLOW semiconductor   refrigerator, more than 1,000,000 cycles





Temperature Control


Hot Lid Temperature

30~110 (adjustable, default 105)

Fluorescence excitation wavelength



Fluorescence detection wavelength


F1:520-540nm F2:540-580nm


Applicable fluorescent dyes

F1: FAM/SYBR Green I

F1: FAM/SYBR Green I


F1: FAM/SYBR Green I



F4: CY5

Excitation light source

High brightness LED, long service life,   no maintenance


High sensitivity photoelectric sensor

Dynamic range

1-1010 Copies

Detection sensitivity

Can detect single copy genes

Software analysis function

Quantitative/qualitative, melting curve,   genotyping

Data export format

excel, csv, txt


USB thermal printer optional

Control Method

7-inch color touch screen control, can   also be connected to computer control





300x267x198mm (L × W × H)



Operating Voltage

220VAC, 50Hz


DC15V 255W


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