What Is The Difference Between An Ultrasonic Disperser And An Ultrasonic Crusher?

Technical Knowledge 2023-06-25 16:46:36
Ultrasonic dispersers and ultrasonic crushers are both ultrasonic equipment, which use ultrasonic technology to achieve the dispersion, crushing or mixing of substances. However, they are different in design, working principle, operation mode and application field.

The ultrasonic disperser is an ultrasonic equipment used in the laboratory, which consists of two parts: an ultrasonic generator and an ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic generator (power supply) converts 220VAC, 50Hz single-phase electricity into 20-25kHz, about 600V alternating electric energy through frequency converters, and drives the transducer with proper impedance and power matching for longitudinal mechanical vibration. The vibration wave produces cavitation effect on various samples being dispersed through the titanium alloy horn immersed in the sample solution, so as to achieve the purpose of ultrasonic dispersion.

It is mainly applicable to treatment processes: crushing/crushing, dispersion/depolymerization, extraction/extraction, emulsification, homogenization/mixing, sonochemistry, decomposition, etc.

The ultrasonic crusher is mainly used in cell crushing, organelle separation, protein extraction and other operations, mainly to crush biological materials such as cells or organelles and release the required biomolecules. The use of an ultrasonic breaker enables rapid and efficient disruption of samples without problems such as temperature rise or chemical changes. It usually consists of an ultrasonic vibrator and a breaking rod. Place the sample in the vibrator, the vibrator will emit high-frequency sound wave vibration, put the crushing rod into the sample, and the mediated action of the ultrasonic wave will make the crushing rod collide with the cells or organelles, so as to realize the crushing and dissolution of cells or organelles.

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