Vacuum Pump Comparison Between Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump And Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Technical Knowledge 2023-08-22 14:54:15
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump are two common types of vacuum pumps. They have some differences in terms of working principle, application fields, advantages and disadvantages, etc.

1. Working principle:

    - Rotary vane vacuum pumps: Rotary vane vacuum pumps create a vacuum in the pump chamber through a rotating impeller (usually vanes). As the impeller rotates, it compresses gas and expels it out of the pump chamber, creating a vacuum.

    - Water Ring Vacuum Pumps: Water ring vacuum pumps use water or other liquids to create a liquid ring inside the pump chamber, which rotates within the pump chamber and interacts with the gas to draw it out of the pump chamber, creating a vacuum.


2. Application fields:

    - Rotary vane vacuum pump: commonly used in drying, freeze-drying, gas analysis, electronic equipment manufacturing and other fields, where the vacuum requirement is not particularly high.

    - Water Ring Vacuum Pumps: Usually used in industrial applications that require high vacuum and handle harmful gases or liquids, such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food processing and other fields.


3. Vacuum degree:

    - Rotary vane vacuum pumps: generally capable of medium vacuum levels, suitable for most industrial and laboratory applications.

    - Water ring vacuum pump: It can reach a higher vacuum degree, especially suitable for industrial environments that require a higher vacuum degree.


4. Maintenance and operation:

    - Rotary vane vacuum pumps: usually relatively simple to maintain and do not require liquid media, but may require more frequent maintenance when operating at high loads.

    - Water ring vacuum pumps: require the use of a liquid medium and may therefore be slightly more complex to operate and maintain, but are relatively durable due to their simple design.


5. Noise and environmental protection:

    - Rotary vane vacuum pumps: generally quieter and have less environmental impact.

    - Water ring vacuum pumps: potentially noisy and due to the liquid medium, need to deal with discharge water and possible contamination issues.


In general, the choice of a rotary vane vacuum pump or a water ring vacuum pump depends on the specific application requirements, including the required vacuum degree, environmental requirements, noise restrictions, and the type of gas to be processed.

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