Precautions Of Biological Shaker Operation

Technical Knowledge 2022-03-30 11:27:32
Biological shaker, sometimes called shaker incubator. It is mainly used for cell culture and mixing in the fields of biology, medicine, microbiology, and genetic engineering. The shaker is divided into the water bath shaker and the air bath shaker. The water bath shaker is heated by placing a glass of water. The air bath shaker is mainly heated by air. The temperature range of the water bath shaker is 0-100 degrees, and the temperature range of the air bath shaker is 0-60 degrees.

The shaker is divided into the constant temperature shaker, the full temperature shaker, and the biological shaker. The mainly temperature range of constant temperature shaker: room temperature—100/60 degrees, full temperature shaker temperature range: 5-100/60 degrees, biological shaker is generally 15-25 degrees. According to the working mode, the shaker can be divided into: reciprocating shaker, rotating shaker.

Biological shakers are generally selected for customers according to temperature, working mode, oscillation frequency, accuracy, working size. If the requirements are high, there are several programming constant temperature and humidity chamber for curve control, which can be customized according to customers. If necessary, realize the control of repetition, step temperature, step humidity, etc.

Precautions for using biological shakers:

1. If the rotation speed is out of control, the experimental bottle will be overturned, and the sample will be instantly vanished

2. If the temperature is out of control, the experimental sample will be instantly destroyed at high temperature

3. If you have a long time of culture, take out the experimental bottle and will find that the culture in the bottle has almost evaporated and dried up.

4. The cooling state is judged by the entrance and set manually. Once the ambient temperature changes, the temperature of the studio will shift greatly and enter the over-temperature alarm state.

5. It is impossible to carry out low-temperature culture operation for a long time, the equipment will frost or defrosting, the temperature of the studio fluctuates greatly, so the low-temperature experiment cannot be carried out continuously at all

6. It is difficult to record the parameters at each time point in the operation of the equipment, and the production and experimental process are difficult to trace

7. The biological shaker requires repeated, step-by-step or step-shaking experiments. Due to the limitations of the traditional shaker, many creative technical linearity can only be reluctant to give up.

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