CO2 Incubator Use Precautions

Technical Knowledge 2022-08-29 13:55:53
The carbon dioxide incubator simulates the formation of a cell / tissue-like growth environment in the body of the incubator. The carbon dioxide incubator simulates the formation of a cell / tissue-like growth environment in the body of the incubator.

Here are some things to note when using a CO2 incubator:

1. The machine should be installed in a room without strong electromagnetic fields and radiant energy, and with small changes in ambient temperature. To ensure the temperature control accuracy of the carbon dioxide incubator, it is recommended to use it at 15-25 ℃.

2. Do not turn on the power switch before filling the CO2 incubator, otherwise the heating element will be damaged.

3. After the incubator is operated for several months, the water in the water tank may be reduced due to volatilization, and it is necessary to add water in time.

4. The carbon dioxide incubator can be used as a high-precision constant temperature incubator. At this time, the CO2 control system must be turned off.

5. The humid and hot environment in the box is prone to breed bacteria. You can add 2ml of liquid in 1000ml of water, regularly disinfect the air in the box with alcohol and ultraviolet rays, and wipe the culture alcohol into the box to reduce the speed of microbial growth in the box.

6. When the display temperature exceeds the set temperature by 1 ℃, the over-temperature alarm indicator lights up and a sharp alarm sounds. At this time, the power should be turned off for 30 minutes. If the power (temperature control) switch is turned on and the temperature is still over-temperature, the power should be turned off and Report to maintenance personnel and reduce the ambient temperature with air conditioning.

7. Before opening the cylinder, be sure to loosen the pressure reducing valve to prevent the gas hose from bursting. When the cylinder pressure is lower than 0.2MPa, the cylinder should be replaced.

8. Minimize the time it takes to open the glass door. When opening the door of the carbon dioxide incubator, first turn off the carbon dioxide control switch.

9. If the carbon dioxide incubator is not used for a long time, the moisture in the working room must be removed before closing, and the glass door should be opened for 24 hours and then closed. When the machine is used for the first time or if it is not used for a long time, it should be checked for pollution before formal cultivation.

10. Before moving the incubator, drain the water from the tank. Take out the shelf and humidifying tray in the working room before transportation to prevent collision and damage to the glass door. Do not carry the incubator upside down when carrying the incubator. Do not lift the door of the incubator to avoid damage to the door.

11. If the zero point of carbon dioxide drifts, you can use a carbon dioxide gas tester to sample the gas in the incubator from the sampling port on the control panel, and then use a gas chromatograph to measure the carbon dioxide concentration.

12. The carbon dioxide incubator should be well grounded to ensure safety.

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