Optical Emission Spectroscopy Metal Analyzer Optical Emission Spectroscopy Metal Analyzer
Optical Emission Spectroscopy Metal Analyzer Optical Emission Spectroscopy Metal Analyzer

Optical Emission Spectroscopy Metal Analyzer

The direct reading spectrometer OES8000s is widely used in the elemental analysis of steel and non-ferrous metal products. It can test dozens of elements quickly, accurately, stably and reliably to meet the inspection needs of industrial research and development, process control, incoming material inspection, and product sorting. product equipment.
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The direct reading spectrometer OES8000s adopts CMOS detector full-spectrum testing technology, which can test all spectral lines covering the wavelength range. It is extremely convenient to configure and supplement the test matrix, channel and analysis program. The small size of the instrument is convenient for maintenance and laboratory placement. OES8000s is a general-purpose instrument for testing steel and non-ferrous metal material elements. It can meet the requirements of matrices including: Fe matrix, Cu matrix, Al matrix, Ti matrix, Pb matrix, Mg matrix, Co matrix, etc. It is the best choice for metal element analysis.

Technical advantages

1. Comprehensive testing of various metals and elements

Based on the CCD detector spectral testing technology, the spectral lines of the elements in various metals can be measured, which is convenient for the multi-matrix and multi-element testing.

It is extremely convenient to configure and supplement test matrices, channels, and analysis programs, and it is convenient to supplement test elements and analysis programs at the customer after delivery.

2. International suppliers provide core components

Spectral dispersive element - grating manufactured by German Zeiss/French JY company, the spectral resolving power of

Spectral Detector - COMS detector is manufactured by Hamamatsu, Japan to ensure sensitive spectral line detection and low noise

3. Light room constant temperature system

The optical chamber is equipped with a feedback heating device and a thermal insulation layer in the constant temperature cavity, and the optical chamber is kept at a constant temperature.

In this way, the optical path drift caused by the slight change in the size of the mechanical part under the temperature change is suppressed. Except for special maintenance, traces are generally not required for normal maintenance.

At the same time, the detector works in a constant temperature environment, which helps to stabilize the photoelectric conversion performance.

4. Rapid and simultaneous analysis of various elements in steel and non-ferrous materials

After placing the pretreated sample on the sample stage, the OES8000s can present test results in up to 40 seconds.

According to customer requirements, the content of common elements in almost all steel and non-ferrous materials can be tested.

5. Professional testing program

With the accumulation of testing technical services, Tianrui Instruments provides mature testing solutions for steel and non-ferrous metal material analysis users.

The test plan adopts the analysis program for the classification of material element content to meet various common test needs of users.

The analysis program is calibrated by the original factory using international and domestic standard samples, and is fitted and calibrated by professional instrument software.

Users only need to use the original factory to configure a small number of standardized samples to complete routine maintenance, and do not need to purchase a large number of standard samples for analytical procedures.


1. Spectral analysis technology, which is convenient to configure more matrices and elements, and it is convenient to supplement the configuration on the user's site.

2. The instrument is small in size and requires low laboratory space.

3. Weather work, with excellent stability and stability.

4. The sample testing speed is fast, and the single testing process is less than 40 seconds.

5. The use and maintenance of the instrument are simple and convenient, and the professional requirements for personnel are low.

6. The original factory installs the analysis program, the test data, and the applicable number is complete.

7. Configure standardized samples to perform periodic calibration of the instrument.

8. No chemical reagents are used, and the testing process is safe and environmentally friendly.




Ambient   temperature


Atmospheric   humidity



Voltage 220V   ± 5V 50Hz; single phase with protective ground

Effective   wavelength range

135-680 nm



Temperature   controlled

at 35 ± 0.1



Holographic   concave grating

2400 /mm

Dispersion   of the first order spectrum



High-performance   linear array CCD

Analysis time

Depend on   the type of materials, typically less than 30 seconds

Spark Source

High energy   plasma generator

High energy   pre-spark (HEPS)





Electrical power

Маx:1.5kVA; Standby   mode:70VA

Spectrometer   design

Paschen-Runge   polychromator, 400mm focal length


The purity   is above 99.999%.

AC parameter   voltage stabilizer


Grinding   machine

For the   samples like Steel Nickel alloy, etc

Small lathe

For the   samples like Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, etc

Air   conditioner

Select   suitable power according to the area of laboratory


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