Portable Differential Raman Spectrometer
Portable Differential Raman Spectrometer

Portable Differential Raman Spectrometer

LATR3020 can reject the fluorescence by shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy (SERDS), In the shifted excitation, the Raman signal is very sensitive to the excitation wavelength difference, but the fluorescence signal is not sensitive. The differential technology can be used to suppress the fluorescence. It can directly measure high fluorescent substances, anti-interference, anti-noise, greatly improve the detection sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the whole system, filter out interference peaks (such as ambient light peak, fluorescence peak, etc.), retain only pure Raman peaks, and capture tiny signal difference.
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Because it can remove all kinds of interferences such as fluorescence, LATR3020 portable Raman spectrometer can not only ensure the accuracy, but also reduce the requirement of light source power, improve the reliability of the whole instrument and the ability of spectrum fault tolerance and error correction. Combined with SERS technology, ppb level detection capability can be achieved, which is suitable for field operation. LATR3020 also has significant reliability, which makes the test results accurate and reliable.

The excellent low stray light condition makes the spectrometer widely used, especially in biochemical analyzer, food safety, pharmaceutical engineering and so on. The multifunctional software promotes the spectral analysis process in application. The remote experiment through Internet access makes the test project easier.


Wavelength Rangecm-1











Test according to ASTM e2529-06;

If customized, the resolution performance can be improved.



Pharmaceutical Engineering;

Forensic analysis;

Agriculture and food safety;

Gem identification.

Environmental Science


1. Differential Raman spectroscopy technology, effectively suppress fluorescence;

2. Dual-band Laser coupling technology;

3. High sensitivity and TE-Cooled CCD.

4. Ultra low noise circuit; 

5. Powerful embedded software.

6. Can eliminate fluorescent background; 

7. Search and display peak easy;

8. Android operating system;

9. The 11.6-inch capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch control;

10. USB 2.0;

11. User-Friendly Interface; 

12. Battery > 4h;

13. Support LAN remote control;

14. IP67 dustproof and waterproof industry protection.

Differential Raman spectroscopy, also called frequency shift excitation, uses two lasers with slightly different wavelengths to irradiate the sample to obtain two original Raman spectra. The fluorescence background does not move with the slight change of the laser wavelength, but However, the position of the Raman peak will change significantly. The two spectra are subtracted to obtain a differential spectrum. In the differential spectrum, the fluorescence background cancels each other out, and there is no fluorescence interference.


Fig. 1 (a) the original Raman spectra (the realized and dotted lines represent the Raman spectra excited by 784.5nm and 785.5nm laser respectively); (b) the differential spectra

Under ideal circumstances, it is easier to recover the normal Raman spectrum from the difference spectrum by using the accumulation method and the convolution method. However, the actual measured spectrum signal has more or less noise, such as the dark current noise of the photodetector, the thermal noise of the circuit, the ambient background light noise, the stray light inside the spectrometer, and so on. The presence of noise not only affects the signal-to-noise ratio of the measurement, but also reduces the performance of the restoration algorithm. Compared with the laboratory Raman system, the portable Raman spectrometer has worse signal-to-noise ratio and more serious noise interference. In addition to noise interference, in the actual differential spectrum, there may be inconsistencies and asymmetry in the intensities of the positive and negative peaks, which will also reduce the performance of the differential spectrum restoration algorithm. The intensity of the Raman signal is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the wavelength. Although the two excitation wavelengths of the SERDS system are only slightly different, this small difference will still cause the Raman peak asymmetry. The superimposition of noise interference on the spectrum peak can also cause the spectrum peak to be asymmetry. In addition, during the two measurements, the temperature difference after the sample is irradiated and the slight change in the fluorescence characteristics (photobleaching effect) will also cause the spectral peaks to be asymmetry.





USB 2.0   and WIFI

Operating   system



11.6-inch   capacitive touch screen, Multi-touch

Battery   life

>4 hours

Integration   time

4ms -   120s

Power   voltage

DC   19V(+/-5%)

Operating   Temperature


Operating   humidity

< 95%


40×30×18   cm3


7.8 Kg


Spectral   stability

σ/μ <   0.5% (COT 8 hours)

Temperature   stability

Spectral   shift ≤ 1 cm-1 (10-40 )

Variation   of intensity(in 5 ~ 40 )


Optical   Parameters

Spectral   range (cm-1)




resolution   (cm-1)





>3000:1   (918 cm-1 of Acetonitrile,10s accumulation, 200mW)

Entrance   slit

50 μm


98 mm   for incidence and output



Ultra-high   sensitivity, quick cooling CCD

Detector   cooled down to


Detecting   range

200-1100   nm

Effective   pixels

2048   pixel

Dynamic   range


Full   well capacity

300 Ke-


QE>40%,   6.5 μV/e-

Exciting   Laser

Central wavelength

Built in two lasers with central wavelength of 784.5nm & 785.5nm

Laser Linewidth

0.08 nm

Power   output

≥500 mW

Power   stability

σ/μ <±0.2%

Raman   probe

Operating   distance

6 mm

Rayleigh   scattering resistance


Numerical   Aperture





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