Ultrasonic Bacterial Dispersion Counter
Ultrasonic Bacterial Dispersion Counter

Ultrasonic Bacterial Dispersion Counter

Ultrasonic Bacterial Dispersion Counter is a pre-treatment instrument for bacterial solution based on the principle of ultrasonic dispersion and photoelectric turbidity detection
  • BrandLABOAO
  • ModelLCF
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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Ultrasonic Bacterial Dispersion Counter is mainly used for the dispersion, dilution and turbidity measurement of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other easy to form clumps of pathogenic microorganisms, and has four major functions: ultrasonic dispersion, Mack turbidity measurement, intelligent concentration dilution and rapid colony counting, with the advantages of good dispersion effect, high processing efficiency and high safety of the processing.


1.High efficiency ultrasonic dispersion, turbidity detection, dilution volume calculation of three bodies in one step

2.Easy operation Put in the sample, one key operation, save 90% operation time

3. Intelligent Intelligent program control dispersion uniformity, instant reading, avoid human error

4. High safety Enclosed experimental environment, reducing the risk of environmental pollution and personnel infection




Ultrasonic   transducer power


Ultrasonic   transducer frequency


Total number   of ultrasounds

099 times can be set

Ultrasonic   working time

099 seconds settable

Ultrasonic   interval time

099 seconds settable

Accuracy of   turbidity display


McKinsey   turbidity measurement range


Linearity   range of Mack turbidity detection


Cuvettes   cuvette capacity

1.5 to 4ML,   step range: 0.01ML

Macro   turbidity calibration

Multi-point   calibration, up to 6 points

Dilution   Function

Automatic   generation of spiked liquid volume

Cuvette   Features

Fluorine   silicone gasket leak-proof liquid

Calibration   Solution Providers

China   Academy of Metrology

Storage   Temperature Conditions


Operating   Temperature Conditions


Power   failure data storage

50 groups

Power supply   parameters


Maximum   power consumption


Net weight   of instrument


Appearance   size

L270mm*   W292mm* H156mm

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