Experimental Low Temperature Spray Dryer Experimental Low Temperature Spray Dryer
Experimental Low Temperature Spray Dryer Experimental Low Temperature Spray Dryer

Experimental Low Temperature Spray Dryer

LFSD-2 Laboratory spray freeze dryer is an original product carefully developed by our company combining spray drying technology and vacuum freeze drying technology. Since the product came out, we have been steadily improving in function, performance and ease of use. The batch processing capacity is ≥2L/time, the drying time of some materials does not exceed 5 hours, and the batch processing capacity of the customized spray freeze dryer reaches 50.
  • BrandLABOAO
  • ModelLFSD-2
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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Laboratory refrigerated spray dryer is suitable for low temperature drying of heat-sensitive, viscous, active materials and materials with high sugar content, such as natural product extracts of Chinese herbal medicine, dairy products, biological preparations, enzyme preparations, fruit juice, polymer materials Wait.



1. The laboratory spray freeze dryer organically combines spray drying and vacuum freeze drying. The drying time required is extremely short, and the drying time of some materials does not exceed 5 hours (2000ML/time), which greatly shortens the traditional vacuum drying time. Freeze-drying time, and the dried material is a powdery solid, and the original biological and chemical properties of the spray-freeze-dried items are basically unchanged, and it is easy to store for a long time;

2. The laboratory spray freeze dryer adopts an air-cooled condensing type fully enclosed compressor refrigeration system, which has rapid refrigeration, low freezer temperature, strong water absorption capacity, and digital display of temperature and vacuum degree, which is accurate and intuitive;

3. Freeze spray-dried items are naturally heated and sublimated by air to maintain the safety of samples;

4. The main unit is equipped with a vacuum pump power plug, no need to connect another power supply, and it is easy to use;

5. The vacuum connection adopts the international standard clamp, which is convenient and reliable;

6. Stable performance, easy operation and low noise;

7. Laboratory spray freeze dryer compared to traditional freeze dryer: it can quickly freeze dry liquid materials that are easy to stick to walls and contain organic substances (juice, Chinese medicine extract, etc.), and the dried finished product is in a granular state, with good fluidity and granularity The particle size is adjustable within a certain range.





Maximum processing capacity


Operating temperature

≥-60 degrees

Drying process

freeze-spray-sublimation drying

Atomization method

ultra-fine freezing spray airflow atomizer

Control system

imported Siemens, with one-key start/operation   function, touch screen operation interface.

Atomization structure

single-hole heteropolar atomization structure   (official atomization structure diagram is required)

Drying chamber diameter


Bag dust removal system

Include Japan Toray brand, filter aperture 300nm

Cooling water circulation temperature

≤-80 degrees

Cold trap temperature

≤-60 degrees

Water catcher capacity

≥ 2 L

Refrigerant type

absolute ethanol

Material contact part material


Filter level


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