What should I pay attention to when installing an atomic absorption spectrometer

Technical Knowledge 2018-08-26 13:28:20
Atomic absorption spectrometers are precision special equipment that requires regular commissioning and maintenance. According to the operation regulations and precautions, combined with practical experience, several methods of instrument debugging, instrument maintenance and maintenance during the use of atomic absorption spectrometer are discussed, so that the instrument analysis can achieve the best results at any time.

1. The atomic absorption spectrometer should be placed in a laboratory that is protected from moisture, dust, vibration, and non-corrosive gases, with a relative humidity of less than 70% and good ventilation. Keep away from strong sources of electromagnetic radiation. The indoor temperature should be kept between 10 and 35 ° C, and the room temperature is not changed greatly in a short time.

2. The workbench for the instrument should be firm and stable, about 0.5m away from the wall, avoid direct sunlight, and can grow and bear weight without deformation for a long time. For anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion, rubber or rubber sheets should be laid on the table.

3. The laboratory should have 220V power supply. A 380V power supply should be used when using a graphite furnace.

4. When using graphite furnace, when using tap water as cooling water for graphite furnace, indoors should have upper and lower water facilities, and the water pressure should not be lower than 0.15MPa.

5, all gas pipelines should be clean, no oil, pressure, air pipelines should be installed "air filter pressure reducing valve". Each pipe joint shall be sealed, secure, and tested for leaks.

6. At the 30cm below the spray chamber, fill the ring with a drain of 13~18cm long and fill it with a certain amount of water as a water seal. One end of the tube is connected with the waste liquid outlet of the spray chamber, and is clamped with a clip, and the other end is immersed in the liquid bottle for about 15 cm below the liquid surface. The waste liquid drainage pipe should be kept unobstructed at all times.

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