What Is An Explosion-proof Sealed High-temperature Circulator?

Technical Knowledge 2023-05-16 10:37:13
The explosion-proof airtight high-temperature circulator uses oil as the heating medium. The oil in the tank is pumped out of the machine through a stainless steel circulating pump to establish a second constant temperature field. The instrument is equipped with an external circulation interface, which can be connected to other experimental equipment.

The explosion-proof airtight high-temperature circulator adopts the electric heating method, and heats the materials in the supporting reaction vessel through the heat transfer fluid output by the circulating pump. It is widely used in the reactor combination device requiring high temperature conditions in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries. It is equipped with an exhaust valve, which is convenient for replenishing circulating fluid into the equipment. Using oil as the heat transfer fluid, the heater has a long service life. Equipped with over-temperature alarm function, overload protection and over-current protection function. The temperature control adopts PID method, and the temperature control is high. The circulation system is made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion. The heat transfer fluid circulation system is sealed to prolong the service life of the heat transfer fluid. Cooling water can be injected to quickly adjust the temperature of the heat transfer fluid to meet the requirements of process conditions and other advantages.

The main features of the explosion-proof sealed high-temperature circulator:

1. High-lift design meets long-distance transmission of heat-conducting media;

2. Control the temperature of the heat-conducting medium, and use the same heat-conducting medium in the whole heating and cooling process;

3. Ensure rapid cooling under high temperature conditions; can achieve continuous temperature control from 250 degrees to -80 degrees;

4. Refrigeration unit American Copeland compressor, circulation pump, stable performance, reliable quality;

5. The cycle management is fully sealed, without oil mist and water absorption, which ensures the safety of the experiment and the life of the thermal fluid;

6. It has self-diagnosis function, refrigerator overload protection, high and low pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other safety protection functions.

Advantages of the explosion-proof airtight high-temperature circulator: 

the explosion-proof airtight high-temperature circulator has no oil mist in the working temperature range, which keeps the laboratory environment clean and hygienic. When the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, the high-temperature oil expands, and the expanded oil flows back into the expansion vessel to avoid the high-temperature oil from overflowing. During the high temperature test, the temperature of the silicone oil in the expansion vessel does not exceed 60°C, the heat insulation performance is good, and the surrounding environment will not be too hot. During the working process of the instrument, part of the high-temperature silicone oil is heated, and a small amount participates in the cycle, reducing power consumption and achieving energy-saving effects, and the high-temperature oil is not easy to oxidize in the closed cavity, prolonging the service life of the silicone oil and saving 2/3 of the use cost .

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