Usage and Precautions of High Speed Centrifuge

Technical Knowledge 2019-08-17 22:06:56
High-speed centrifuges are widely used in different fields, especially in scientific research-related work. The use of such equipment can have very unexpected effects. Therefore, high-speed centrifuges have made great contributions in medicine and biological products.

However, in order to give the best effect to high speed centrifuge, it is necessary to master the correct use method and pay attention to some related matters. Specifically, this includes the following aspects.

1.Pay attention to the preparation work before use Before using the high-speed centrifuge, it is necessary to check whether each knob on the panel is at the specified position, that is, the power supply is at the off position, and the potentiometer and timer are at the zero position. The manufacturer of high-speed centrifuge reminds us to pay attention to placing the same amount of samples in each test tube, and then symmetrically place them in the rotating head, so as to avoid vibration of the whole machine during operation due to asymmetric placement caused by uneven weight. attention to should be in accordance with the standard operation In the process of operation, firstly, after the test tube is put into the high-speed centrifuge, pay attention to tightening the screw and covering the plexiglass cover, then plug in the plug to connect the power supply and turn on the power switch. Hot-selling high-speed centrifuge manufacturers remind that the timing knob should be used to select the required time and speed as required. At the same time, attention should be paid to rotating the speed control knob to zero position after this step is completed, and the test tube can be taken out for analysis only after shutdown. 

3.Pay attention to other details of the operation Manufacturers of high-speed centrifuges with excellent materials emphasize that attention should be paid to carefully read the instructions before using the instrument to avoid operational errors. Moreover, the high-speed centrifuge should be placed on a flat and firm table to avoid unnecessary troubles during high-speed operation. When not in use, attention should be paid to the fact that the plexiglass pie cannot be stacked to avoid crushing or uneven, which will affect the use effect of the instrument. And the instrument must not open the plexiglass door when rotating at high speed. These are the use methods of the high-speed centrifuge and several aspects included in the precautions.

4.In addition, it should be noted that the operating procedures must be in accordance with the provisions in the instructions, otherwise the motor may burn out. The high-speed centrifuge manufacturer also reminds that after use, the head and the instrument should be wiped clean to prevent corrosion caused by contamination of the test solution. And when the instrument is not in use, the end connected to the external power grid should be removed.

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