The working principle and application prospect of autoclave

Technical Knowledge 2018-02-11 14:49:15
Autoclaves steam sterilizer are common sterilization equipment, generally divided into portable sterilizers and vertical sterilizers, which are heated by heating wire. When heated to a certain temperature, water will become water vapor. The temperature can reach more than 100 degrees. In addition to increasing the temperature, it can also be boosted. At the same time, it can be kept warm and kept pressure. Therefore, it is widely used in biological companies, hospitals and food fields, mainly for disinfecting utensils and clothes.

The working principle of the autoclave steam sterilizer is very simple. It consists of a tank, a pressure gauge, a can lid, an exhaust valve, a safety valve and a heating wire. The pressure gauge is mainly for indicating pressure, and the exhaust valve is for exhausting. To adjust the pressure inside the tank, the safety valve is mainly to prevent the pressure from being too high. When the pressure is too high, the safety valve will open the exhaust; the heating wire is used for heating, the whole component is very simple, and the principle is very simple. It is heated by heating wire to generate steam, and keeps it under a certain temperature and pressure to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Even spores can kill, so it is very common. With the continuous application of sterilizers, there are many styles of autoclaves steam sterilizer, which are fully automatic, semi-automatic, small, and large, but the principle is the same, and the operation methods are basically the same. .

The application prospect of autoclave steam sterilizer is very wide. It needs to be used in biological companies, pharmaceutical companies, schools, hospitals, etc. It is easy to operate and easy to use. It can be used as long as it is powered on, and the price is also cheap. This type of electric autoclave is more popular than steam-sterilized equipment, because no additional steam is required for sterilization. Of course, some companies use steam sterilization, which is passed through the tank. Steam is used for sterilization. This sterilization method is generally only used for sterilization of fermenters, because steam sterilization is faster and more practical. Autoclaves steam sterilizer are more suitable for disinfecting glassware, clothing, equipment, etc.

The above mainly introduces the working principle of autoclave and the application prospect of autoclave. You can learn about it, especially the practitioners in this area need to fully understand the autoclave so that it can be better. Use it well. With the rapid development of the economy, autoclaves steam sterilizer will be widely used and will certainly promote the development of this field.

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