Spray Granulation Dryers Are Widely Used In Various Industries

Technical Knowledge 2023-01-03 17:22:00
Spray granulation dryer is a kind of drying equipment that can produce products after fluidization, dust removal, atomization, solidification and other treatments are performed on materials to meet the particle size requirements. The process is generally that the air enters the bottom of the fluidized bed after being heated by a heater, and passes through the distribution plate to contact with the material to make the material fluidized. The mother liquid or binder is sent to the atomizing nozzle by the pressure-making equipment such as the pressure pump, and after atomization, it is coated on the surface of the fluidized particles or the particles are bonded to each other. After continuous fluidization, coating, and drying, the particles gradually grow After reaching the required particle size, it is discharged from the outlet of the fluidized bed.

The basic working principle and structure of the spray granulation dryer:

Spray dryer granulation is a very important process in the production process of PTC heat-sensitive ceramic sheets. The quality of granules directly affects the appearance, mechanical properties and temperature resistance characteristics of PTC ceramic sheets. Granulation refers to adding a certain amount of binder to the finely ground powder, and uniformly blending it to form a granular powder. The powder of the spray dryer has good fluidity and ductility, so that it can In the sheeting process, sheets with good strength and not easy to delaminate and crack can be obtained. The spray granulation dryer equipment is used in industrial production. The basic principle is to spray the powder with binder into the granulation tower for atomization, and the droplets in the tower are dried by the hot air flow in the tower. The granular powder is then discharged from the bottom of the drying tower.


Scope of application:

Chemical industry: organic catalysts, resins, synthetic washing powder, oils, ammonium sulfate, dyes, dye intermediates, white carbon black, graphite, ammonium phosphate, etc.

Food: Amino acids and their analogs, seasonings, proteins, starches, dairy products, coffee extracts, fish meal, meat essence, etc.

Pharmaceuticals: Chinese patent medicines, pesticides, antibiotics, pharmaceutical granules, etc.

Ceramics: magnesia, China clay, various metal oxides, dolomite, etc.

Spray granulation: various fertilizers, alumina, ceramic powder, pharmaceuticals, heavy metal super hard steel, chemical fertilizers, granular washing powder, Chinese patent medicines, etc.

Spray cooling granulation: amino fatty acid, paraffin, glyceride, monoglyceride, tallow, etc. Spray crystallization, spray concentration, spray reaction, etc. are also often used.

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