Precautions for the use of drug dissolution apparatus

Technical Knowledge 2017-06-14 07:08:09
The drug dissolution rate refers to the rate and extent to which the drug is dissolved from a solid preparation such as a tablet in a prescribed solvent. It is an indicator for evaluating the quality of oral solid preparations of drugs, and is an in vitro simple test method for simulating disintegration and dissolution of oral solid preparations in the gastrointestinal tract.

Drug dissolution classification:

1. Semi-automatic dissolution apparatus and automatic dissolution apparatus.

2, cup cup drug dissolution apparatus, three cups of drug dissolution apparatus, six cups of drug dissolution apparatus, eight cups of drug dissolution apparatus, twelve cups of drug dissolution apparatus.

Precautions for the use of drug dissolution apparatus:

Pressing the “Reset” button on the panel will reset the computer, that is, the temperature window will resume waiting state, only the actual temperature of the current water bath will be displayed; the clock window will return to the preset state of the normal sampling time, but the value shown just now is displayed; the speed window Return to the speed preset state, the displayed value is also displayed, and the operation stops. Therefore, after the formal dissolution test, do not press the “Reset” button at will! As mentioned before, don't press the “Select” button on the speed window at will! Otherwise the spindle will stop rotating.

After using the instrument, please clean the instrument and accessories and keep it clean.

Drug dissolution apparatus maintenance and maintenance:

(1) During the measurement process, it must be ensured that the water level is at least 2 cm higher than the water outlet at the right end of the water tank.

(2) When starting up for the first time, the water level should drop by 1cm. There is a bubble at the nozzle, indicating that there is water in the heating box, otherwise it is forbidden to start.

(3) If there is no digital display after power on, the power indicator does not light, check whether the fuse is blown and the power supply voltage is normal.

(4) If the temperature digital display jumps after power on, you can check whether the connection between the measured cloud plug and the sensor socket is good.

(5) Do not insert the temperature sensor into the solvent of the vessel to avoid corrosion of the sensor thermistor.

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