Precautions for automatic autoclave at work?

Technical Knowledge 2016-03-24 18:04:30
Fully automatic autoclave is widely used in medical and health care, agriculture and scientific research. It is the most ideal equipment for the comprehensive sterilization and sterilization of medical equipment glassware and automatic autoclave.

The fully automatic autoclave is also suitable for use in pipelines such as dry ventilators in the medical field, which are used in water plants and food factories.

The high-pressure automatic autoclave utilizes a moist heat sterilization method. Under the same temperature, it is sterilized by means of moist heat, and the sterilization effect is better than dry heat. The manner in which the autoclave is sterilized and the temperature of sterilization can be increased as the vapor pressure increases. The automatic autoclave uses the increased steam pressure to shorten the sterilization time. Therefore, the automatic autoclave is a very effective and widely used sterilization method.

When using a fully automatic autoclave, what problems should you pay attention to in order to ensure normal operation?

1. before each sterilization, the performance of the automatic autoclave safety valve should be well tested. The purpose is to ensure that the explosion occurs when the pressure is too high. When the pressure is too high, it is out of the limit. Replace the safety valve.

2. the socket must be installed with a cable. It should be protected that the power plug must be securely inserted. Remember not to damage the wires, or use a non-designated power cord. The power cord is on the line connection. The purpose of the spring is to protect the ground to ensure good contact.

Third, the automatic autoclave must be protected from flammable and explosive materials in the dry and ventilated environment.

4. Remove the already sterilized items in time. When using the automatic autoclave, be sure to wear gloves to prevent burns.

5. When the automatic autoclave is running, the air outlet of the safety valve should be tightly blocked. It is necessary to keep the vacancies to ensure the normal circulation of the gas. Otherwise, the safety valve outlet will be blocked and it will not work properly. accident.

The above and everyone briefly said, the high-pressure automatic autoclave in the work of the precautions. In addition, the high-pressure automatic autoclave will clean the scale inside the container and prolong the use time after stopping work every day.

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