Precautions during use of horizontal steam sterilizer

Technical Knowledge 2017-02-10 16:54:02
Many people do not pay enough attention to some of the equipment's precautions in the process of using the horizontal steam sterilizer. It is considered that there is no need to comply with so many uses. In fact, this is wrong. We are using a horizontal steam sterilizer. In the process of the long-term failure to pay attention to the use of some equipment for a long time, the horizontal steam sterilizer will frequently have some problems. Here are some tips for using the horizontal steam sterilizer:

1. Always check whether the grounding wire of the horizontal steam sterilizer is well grounded to ensure personal safety. The horizontal steam sterilizer should be placed indoors with ventilation and dryness, no flammable and explosive materials, safety valve and vent valve. The position has been calibrated at the factory, the seals and screws on the valve shall not be arbitrarily dismantled, and the stacking items shall not exceed 4/5 of the total volume, which is safe.

2. Do not attach oil to the sealing ring to avoid damage to the gel and cause air leakage. It is strictly prohibited to contact the steam medium to cause explosion or sudden pressure-boosting of chemical sterilization. When stacking horizontal steam sterilizer items, it is strictly forbidden to block the safety valve. The venting hole of the venting valve must be vacant to ensure that the air is unblocked. Otherwise, the safety valve and the venting valve may not work due to the venting of the venting hole, resulting in an accident.

3. When sterilizing liquid, the liquid should be filled in a heat-resistant glass bottle, no more than 3/4 volume, and the cotton yarn is used for the bottle mouth. Do not use perforated rubber or cork stoppers; after sterilization, do not release steam immediately. The pressure gauge must be returned to zero before the residual gas can be discharged. For different types and different sterilization requirements, such as dressings and Do not sterilize liquids, etc., to avoid loss.

4. After the pressure gauge is used for a long time, if the pressure indication is incorrect or cannot return to zero, it should be replaced in time. Usually, it should be sent to a qualified unit for verification. If it is not normal, it should be replaced with a new one. The safety valve should be regularly. Check the reliability. If the safety valve does not jump when the gauge pointer has exceeded 0.165Mpa, it must be stopped immediately and replaced with a qualified safety valve.

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