How to select centrifuge RCF parameter

Technical Knowledge 2019-11-21 09:27:35
Centrifuge will produce RCF during operation. Due to sedimentation caused by RCF make the subject dangling in the solution to form precipitation. The substance of the more proportion turned the direction of the largest radius rotor, the lighter substance is on heavier substance and let the subjects of different proportion to be separated hierarchically.

How to calculate the relative centrifugal force (RCF)

Centrifugation is depending on the RCF, RCF is depending on the speed and centrifugal radius, the formula of calculating the RCF as follows:


The transfer coefficient 11.2 is a approx. value, which is calculating according acceleration of gravity(1g = 9.81m/s2).

The confirmation of centrifugal time

Same RCF, centrifugation time is inversely proportional to centrifugal solution’s proportion description. The more of the proportion, the less of the time. The less of the proportion, the more of the time.

Same solution, centrifugation time is inversely proportional to RCF. The bigger RCF, the less of the time. Contrary, the smaller RCF, the more of the time.

Same RCF, centrifugation time is related to Min centrifugal radius, longer basket (test bottles) require a longer centrifugation time.

Therefore, the separation time is difficult to calculate. Usually it is decided by the general test.

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