How to choose a suitable muffle furnace?

Technical Knowledge 2019-03-28 07:09:13
Muffle furnace is a kind of equipment used for heating or heat treatment. Because of its advantages such as convenient use, accurate temperature control and fast heating, it is now in the production process of industrial and mining enterprises. In the chemical laboratory of the unit, the use of this furnace is essential, so if you buy a suitable muffle furnace?

First, according to the material of the furnace to choose:

1. The traditional furnace is brick structure, the furnace has better fire resistance and the price is relatively suitable;

2. Ceramic fiber furnace structure, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber furnace is an upgraded product of traditional furnace, which has the characteristics of light weight, high speed, energy saving and time saving, and can meet various requirements of rapid sintering. And can be configured with a 30-segment program temperature controller, which is a relatively high cost-effective option.

Second, according to the furnace temperature to choose:

Select the appropriate resistance furnace according to the user's operating temperature, but distinguish the difference between the design temperature and the operating temperature. For example, if the user's operating temperature is 1000 ° C, then the furnace with a furnace design temperature of 1200 ° C can be selected. Because there is an electric resistance furnace with a furnace design temperature of 1000 ° C, the use temperature can not reach 1000 ° C, so if you choose If the resistance furnace of 1000 °C can not meet the requirements of use, it will greatly reduce the service life of the resistance furnace.

Third, according to the size of the furnace to choose:

This makes it easier to choose because it is the best size as long as it is chosen to accommodate the size of the object to be quenched.

Fourth, choose according to the body structure:

1. One-piece box type resistance furnace. This kind of resistance furnace is designed to integrate the temperature controller and the furnace body, which is convenient for the user to install and operate;

2. Split type resistance furnace. The split type resistance furnace, as the name implies, separates the temperature control unit from the furnace body. It is necessary to install the temperature controller above the furnace body for the next installation and use, but the price is cheaper than the integral point resistance. A lot, it is an option for price zui.

Of course, the user chooses the resistance furnace in addition to the key points, but also should consider other factors.

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