High temperature muffle furnace common troubleshooting

Technical Knowledge 2017-12-21 09:16:07
Our company summarized the common faults of the operators using the muffle furnace through the return visit. When you encounter the following problems, you should calmly deal with them. Don't be sloppy, otherwise the muffle furnace may not be used.

1. No display when the power is turned on, the power indicator light does not light: Check whether the power line is intact; whether the leakage circuit breaker switch on the back of the instrument is in the "closed" position; whether the fuse is blown.

2. Start continuous alarm: Press “Start” button in the initial state. If the temperature is greater than 1000°C, the thermocouple is disconnected. Check if the thermocouple is intact and its connection is good.

3. After entering the experimental test, the panel's “heating” indicator lights up, but the temperature does not rise: check the solid state relay.

4. After turning on the power of the instrument, in the non-experimental state, the furnace temperature will rise continuously when the heating indicator is not bright: measure the voltage at both ends of the furnace wire, if there is 220V AC voltage, the solid state relay will be damaged, replace the same model. can.

5. If there is a problem with fogging during operation, please contact the manufacturer in time.

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