Advantages of small food freeze dryers

Technical Knowledge 2016-05-04 06:45:45
Vacuum freeze-drying technology is a high-tech dehydration technology that protects color, keeps freshness and maintains quality. In recent years, the consumption of freeze-dried food in Europe, America and Japan has increased rapidly, and for a long time, China's agricultural and livestock products have been exporting. The raw material or primary processing stage gives a general feeling of low technical content. By developing freeze-dried vegetables and meat, it will improve the grade of China's export food and obtain higher added value.

However, the cost and energy consumption of large-scale freeze dryers are high, and general households, fruit and vegetable plantations, etc. cannot access such freeze-drying equipment. With the continuous development of technology, Zhengzhou Laboao Instrument Equipment CO., LTD has developed LFD series small food freeze dryers. Small food freeze dryers are gradually being loved by their unique advantages, and the types of freeze-dried foods produced are also becoming more and more widespread.

Advantages of small food freeze dryers:

1. Keep the food structure, nutrients and flavor substances basically unchanged, especially the retention rate of physiological active ingredients is high, which is the main reason for the use of freeze-dried foods as the basis for some functional foods.

2, the appearance does not dry, does not shrink, maintain the original shape and color of the food;

3, the product has no surface hardening, the tissue is porous sponge, so the rehydration performance is good, easy to eat, soaking can be restored, thus determining its position in ready-to-eat convenience food;

4, light weight, resistant to storage, no special requirements for ambient temperature, in the dark and vacuum nitrogen filling packaging, under normal temperature conditions can be maintained for about 2 years, its storage, sales and other recurring costs are far lower than frozen food .

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