Portable FTIR Spectrometer Portable FTIR Spectrometer Portable FTIR Spectrometer Portable FTIR Spectrometer Portable FTIR Spectrometer Portable FTIR Spectrometer
Portable FTIR Spectrometer Portable FTIR Spectrometer Portable FTIR Spectrometer Portable FTIR Spectrometer Portable FTIR Spectrometer Portable FTIR Spectrometer

Portable FTIR Spectrometer

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (abbreviated as FTIR Spectrometer), abbreviated as Fourier Infrared Spectrometer, can be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples. It is widely used in medicine and chemical industry, geology, petroleum, coal, environmental protection, Customs, gem identification, criminal investigation identification and other fields.
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LiCAN 8 Plus Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer is small size, compact structure, high quality and low cost, flexible and portable, it is suitable for infrared analysis instruments in various occasions. Complete accessory recognition system, unique measurement module and accessory interface design, plug and play without calibration, convenient, fast and highly efficient. The easy-to-learn software system not only satisfies your routine detection and spectrum analysis, but also can be specially reserved according to the needs of the extended function interface to meet your higher level of infrared spectrum analysis needs.


1. Portability: small size, compact structure, easy to carry, convenient operation, suitable for various occasions indoor and outdoor

2. Flexibility: Fully functional measuring modules and flexible and simple replacement of testing accessories

3. Intelligence: The measurement module and detection accessories are automatically identified, and the components are self-monitored in real time

4. Stability: The collimated interferometer module provides excellent anti-vibration and anti-heat effect performance

5. Reliability: The all-metal casing is completely resistant to external electromagnetic interference, ensuring accurate and reliable measurement results

6. Ease of use: Software-friendly user interface is easy to learn and use

· Portable, convenient, flexible and flexible

The small and compact structure of LiCAN 8 Plus makes it easy to carry and operate, coupled with its excellent seismic performance, it can be placed almost anywhere: it can be easily transferred in the laboratory, and it can also be used in the car laboratory, saving The time and cost you need to analyze the sample. It is also convenient to place directly in a fume hood or instrument box.

The fully functional and flexible measurement modules and detection accessories rely on the uniquely designed interface device, which can be replaced and installed in a few seconds. The instrument automatically recognizes it and can be used without calibration.

Provided optional functions and accessories

· touch screen;

· Wireless transmission;

· Removable battery;

· Car battery;

· Transmission module;

· ATR module: a variety of crystals are optional: ZnSe single total reflection crystal, ZnSe multiple total reflection crystal, diamond crystal, etc .;

· Diffuse reflection module;

· Plane reflection module;

· Seal the transfer box.

· Modular design

The LiCAN 8 Plus Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer is not just a compact infrared spectrometer; its unique modular design, excellent instrument components and advanced technical level ensure the excellent sensitivity, wave number accuracy, stability and repeatability of the instrument To ensure the accuracy and precision of the measurement results. It can be applied to the measurement of solid, gas and liquid.

Easy replacement of ATR module accessories

· Stable

The collimation design of the LiCAN 8 Plus interferometer module keeps the instrument always in a stable state. The three-dimensional balanced swinging double-angle mirror design and gold-plated mirror surface also provide excellent light efficiency and sensitivity. The aero-grade shaft adopted by it has the characteristics of never wear and high flexibility, which eliminates the instrument's mirror optical error and mechanical coordination error; it also has good seismic performance and thermal resistance performance to ensure that it continues in a changing environment Stable job. At the same time, the unique laser temperature control design of Energy Spectrum Technology can provide superb wavenumber accuracy and repeatability. Meet all your infrared spectrum detection requirements.

· Reliable

The LiCAN 8 Plus all-metal housing is designed to effectively resist external electromagnetic interference; the collimated interferometer design can consistently provide high-quality performance and excellent reliability.

The perfect design of the interferometer can ensure the life of the interferometer at least 10 years. The advanced diode laser design ensures a life span of more than 10 years. The infrared light source can be used for more than 8 years, even if it is damaged, the user can replace it by himself, which is very simple and convenient. The independent ATR module can ensure 10 years of service life. Coupled with the advantages of low energy consumption, the measurement cost will be greatly reduced.

· Easy to learn and use

LiCAN 8 Plus software has a simple and friendly user interface, the operation steps are simple and can be completed through the guide. All users can easily learn to operate.

Energy Spectrum Technology gathers the technical essence of infrared spectrometer design over the years, condensed in this LiCAN 8 Plus Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer, and becomes the accurate and efficient analysis tool you need for daily quality control

· Quality Control

Quality control (QC) is one of the important applications of LiCAN 8 Plus. The main problem of QC is to verify whether the products meet the corresponding specifications. Therefore LiCAN 8 Plus software provides QC evaluation function as an appropriate verification tool. The method of establishing QC is very easy, and the evaluation of the results is also clear and guaranteed.

· Sample identification

Another important application of LiCAN 8 Plus is the identification of unknown samples, such as the identification of contaminants that cause product failure. After collecting the pollutant spectrum, the results can be identified from the automatic search in the standard spectrum of the spectral library.

· Verification standard

Energy Spectrum adopts common standards to provide comprehensive system verification and all relevant program documents. Guide you through all the necessary steps of the verification procedure. From the installation of the instrument to the annual certification, it is completed by a certified technical engineer trained by Energy Spectrum Technology to ensure that the certification meets the corresponding regulatory regulations and requirements.

LiCAN 8 Plus fully meets your verification needs; design verification (DQ), installation verification (IQ), operation verification (OQ), performance verification (PQ).

Application field

Environmental site emergency monitoring;

On-site monitoring of labor hygiene;

Industrial process analysis and control;

Scientific research on catalytic conversion;

Flue gas detection;

Monitoring of gas emissions from garbage incineration and combustion;

Drug and food testing;

Testing of petrochemical products.

Application examples

Gas detection: It can be applied to real-time detection of environmental protection gas and industrial online multi-component gas;

Explosion-proof and anti-drug of public security: it can be applied to the identification of unknown substances, such as drugs and explosives;

Lubricating oil: Identification of genuine and fake oils, identification of reused oil quality, and distinction of manufacturers;

Jewelry and Jade: Antiquities industry and the classification and appraisal of jewelry and jade.

Outstanding features for gas detection

1. No sample adjustment unit in front of the analyzer, no nitrogen calibration;

2. Advanced solid angle mirror design interferometer, optical path collimation, strong stability;

3. Optional ZnSe beam splitter and window can be used, suitable for field and industrial field use, to prevent deliquescence of optical parts;

4. According to the actual requirements of users, gas cells with different optical paths can be configured to meet the measurement needs of different concentrations;

5. Built-in temperature control system, consistent measurement performance in different environments;

6. Optional mass flow controller for high concentration analyte injection and linear calibration;

7. The built-in highly sensitive DTGS sensor can operate at ambient temperature without liquid nitrogen or other cooling devices. Optional semiconductor refrigeration MCT detector.

8. Small and light, it can be placed on a laboratory platform, and a portable mobile box can also be provided for on-site monitoring.

Application in the field of environmental protection and special gas detection

With the rapid development of science and technology, FTIR technology has been widely used in the fields of environmental monitoring, environmental chemistry, and emergency treatment of sudden border pollution accidents. The infrared gas online monitoring system performs real-time detection of gaseous pollutants in the flue gas system, such as H2O NOX (NO2, NO, N2O), HF, SO2, CO, HCl, NH3 and CO2. The infrared gas online monitoring system effectively monitors the particulate matter and the types and concentrations of gaseous pollutants contained in the air through infrared spectrometers, and continuously monitors the pollutants emitted in the air, as well as environmentally friendly equipment such as dust Equipment, desulfurization and deacidification equipment, etc., to carry out corresponding management and monitoring.

Application in criminal investigation and anti-explosion fields

The progress of society and the development of science and technology have made science and technology play an increasingly important role in the detection of various cases. In drug analysis, the application of infrared spectroscopy technology has greatly improved the deficiencies of the original explosives and drug analysis technology, and provided favorable evidence for the detection of drug cases.

Different components of drugs have different vibration frequencies in the infrared spectrum. The analysis of drugs by infrared spectroscopy can detect the components of drugs. Different drugs have different peak positions in the infrared spectrum barrel, which can easily identify the type of drugs from the spectrum. Infrared spectroscopy technology is used for drug detection. It has the characteristics of simple operation, no use of harmful reagents, no pollution of test materials, small sample volume and accurate results. Therefore, infrared spectroscopy is a very simple and effective method to distinguish drugs. It can be predicted that the application of infrared spectroscopy in the field of drug detection will become more and more widespread.

In criminal investigation: rapid on-site analysis of explosives, rapid detection of explosives (black gunpowder, ammonium nitrate explosives, TNT, Hessogin, Tai'an ...) and rapid on-site evidence collection of dangerous goods

In drug control: drug analysis (screening of morphine, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and new imitation drugs).



LiCAN 8 Plus

Spectral range



Better than 2cm-1 (optional 0.9cm-1)

Signal to noise ratio

RMS is better than 150000: 1

Wave number accuracy

Better than 0.1cm-1

Feature design

EASY test module (a variety of test modules are   available for quick replacement)

light source

Long life, air-cooled ceramic light source (no   replacement for 5 years)


The use of gold-plated, integrated double-angle mirror   structure, frictionless bearings, permanent collimation, and interferometer   with modular structure (the interferometer is an integral module) ensures   more than 5 years of life

Beam splitter

Single-chip double-sided multilayer coating, wide band,   self-compensating beam splitter


Moisture-proof high sensitivity DTGS


Solid-state laser (with TEC)

AD converter

24-bit high-speed, high-precision AD converter



power supply

100-240VAC, 50-60Hz (up to 1.3A)


310 × 220 × 130mm (L × W × H)


About 7kg


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