0.27㎡ manifold lab freeze dryer 0.27㎡ manifold lab freeze dryer 0.27㎡ manifold lab freeze dryer 0.27㎡ manifold lab freeze dryer 0.27㎡ manifold lab freeze dryer 0.27㎡ manifold lab freeze dryer

0.27㎡ manifold lab freeze dryer

LFD-18C Freeze Dryer is suitable for freeze-drying experiment in laboratory. It is bench top manifold equipment.
  • BrandLABOAO
  • ModelLFD-18C
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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Suitable for freeze-drying of bulk (liquid, pasty, solid) conventional materials. It can be equipped with a flask outside the drying chamber to dry the frozen material on the inner wall of the bottle. At this time, the flask is connected to the manifold as a container. The material in the flask is heated by room temperature, and the multi-manifold switch can be used to remove or install the flask at any time without downtime.


1. all-in-one structure , small size, no external flange, easy to use, no leakage.

2. All materials in contact with the product use inert materials to meet the requirements of the GLP.

3. The cold trap and console are made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and easy to clean.

4. All stainless steel inflated /water release valve is designed and produced by our company, which is safety, anti- corrosion, no leakage.

5. with sample pre-frozen function, large cold trap opening, no inner coil,and low temperature refrigerator is needless.

6. Patented gas diversion technology, and strong ice holding ability.

7. world- known  brand compressors, high efficiency, long life, low noise.

8. Well-known brand vacuum pump with a high pumping speed to achieve a higher ultimate vacuum.

9. Vacuum pump protection function can set the cold trap temperature to protect the vacuum pump life.

10. Professionally designed FD-LAB freeze-drying machine control system + SH-HPSC-I modular controller with high reliability and stability.

11. Intelligent data recording system can real-time record and display the cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve, vacuum curve.




freeze drying area


tray dia.


tray numbers


tray spacing


flask capacity & q'ty

100/250/500/1000mleach 2pcs

cold trap temp.

≤-60optional ≤-80

cold trap depth


cold trap dia.


ice collecting capacity


pump speed


ultimate vacuum




main unit weight


main unit dimensions


-80   main unit dimensions


drying chamber dimensions


cooling mode

wind cooled

defrosing mode

by air

shipping weight

1.8L/2.7Lthickness   10mm

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