14 Cups Drug Dissolution Sampling System
14 Cups Drug Dissolution Sampling System

14 Cups Drug Dissolution Sampling System

As an efficient testing tool in dissolution solutions, the automatic drug dissolution sampling system is widely used in dissolution testing of drugs, chemical substances and food samples in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other fields. The system can realize multiple functions such as automatically controlling dissolution speed, collecting samples, and saving data, which greatly improves testing efficiency and accuracy.
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The automatic dissolution sampling system is an efficient, accurate, and intelligent testing tool that can be widely used in dissolution testing in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other fields. The automatic dissolution sampling system uses an efficient automatic injector and sampling system, which can test multiple groups of samples at the same time, greatly improving testing efficiency.


1. With a 10-inch color touch screen, the touch panel is easily manipulated to set up, store and run up to 100 methods. Intuitive interface with screen lock security feature, Chinese and English are also available as language options.

2. Provides three levels of administrative privileges compliant with audit trail requirements, controlling access and preventing unnecessary changes to instrument settings or methods.

3. Equipped with an independently controlled heating cycle system, which can minimize vibration while saving the volume of the experimental bench. The unattended reservation function can realize unattended automatic constant temperature water bath, saving experimental time.

4. The 8-cup independent temperature probe can realize the independent monitoring and real-time display of the 8-cup solvent temperature, and the temperature probe can be raised during the dissolution test. Using PID+ fuzzy control, the temperature control accuracy reaches ±0.2℃,and the tempera- ture resolution reaches 0.1℃.

5. The instrument is equipped with a built-in printer, which can print log records in realtime, and the experimental process data records can be audited and queried; The logs can be exported for viewing (the exported document needs to be opened using the company's special software).

6. The instrument has built-in light-sensitive illumination,and the brown dissolved cup is used to better realize the light avoidance experiments.

7. 100 experimental method storage space, USB can realize

one-key import and export operation, avoiding the tedious steps of method transfer between different instruments.

Sampler Parts

1. Equipped with automatic door opening device to realize one-key entry and exit of the warehouse.

2. Test tube rack automatic positioning detection function. Automatically calculate the sampling height, and at the sampling time, you can accurately sample at the position that meets the pharmacopoeia according to the volume of the solvent.

3. Equipped with a secondary filter interface, the solvent filtration is more sufficient.

4. Using syringes imported from germany, automatic rinsing, filling, waste dripping, sampling, replenishing, emptying and other steps ensure sampling accuracy and ensure that the pipeline remains as little as possible.

5. Adopt imported PTFE micro transparent pipeline, with excellent anti-corrosion and anti-absorption attachment. Continuous sampling, dual sample sampling, automatic sample dilution and other functions Automatically rinse the pipeline and sampling pump before sampling to ensure the accuracy of sampling.

6. One-click automatic cleaning of the liquid tank and pipeline after the experiment is completed to ensure no cross contamination.


Dissolution Apparatus




Water bath heating range: room   temperature -45. 0 ℃

Temperature   Resolution: 0.1 ℃

Temperature control   accuracy: ±0.2 ℃

Stirring speed   range: 10.0-300.0 RPM

Speed   Resolution: 0.1 RPM

Speed Accuracy:   ±0.5 RPM

Basket (paddle)   shaft swing amplitude: ≤0.5mm

Basket swing   range: ≤ 1.0 mm

rotating shaft   and the dissolution vessel shaft: ≤ ± 1.5mm

Dissolution apparatus horizontality: 0.2°

Basket (paddle) axis verticality:   90±0.5°


Compatible with   basket method, paddle method, small cup method, paddle butterfly method,   rotating drum method

Number of dissolution vessels: 14 cups

Segmented shaft   design, no need to manually re-adjust the height of the positioning basket   (paddle) when the dissolution method is switched.

Automatic   simultaneous dosing/sequential dosing

Photosensitive   lighting: white light/red light three-level lighting

Can store 100   experimental methods, and can import and export USB

It can store 39   login accounts and passwords, and the operation authority can be controlled   in 4 levels

With operation   record printing and log recording function, and can audit trail

Operating   temperature

(5~40) ℃

Storage   temperature

(-20~60) ℃

Working humidity

(20~80) % RH

Storage humidity

(5~95) % RH



Number of   sampling channels for performance parameters: 14

Single sampling   volume: 0.1-10mL (single); 0.2-20mL (double)

Sampling times:   1-16 times (single); 1-8 times (double)

Network   interface: 100M RJ45

Control   interface: RS 485

Automatic   dilution accuracy: ±1% supplement

Liquid   temperature control accuracy: ≤ ±0.5 °C

Long working   hours: unlimited

Minimum sampling interval: 1 minute 20 seconds (initial   sampling), minimum sampling interval 2 minutes (subsequent sampling)

Sampling   accuracy: ≤0.8% (10mL sampling)


Fully automatic   rinsing, filling, dripping, sampling, replenishment, dilution, emptying,   cleaning

Precise sampling   by syringe pump, suction and stop time can be set

Operating   temperature

(5~40) ℃

Storage   temperature

(-20~60) ℃

Working humidity

(20~80) % RH

Storage humidity

(5~95) % RH


· Small cup assembly

· Small paddle assembly

· Small dish assembly

· Sink basket assembly

· Rotating drum assembly

· Light-proof large cup plus accessories assembly

· Luer connector

· 25mm diameter solid plastic raising ball


· Host

· Built-in printer

· 14* basket shafts

· 14* baskets

· 14* large cup components

· 8* large paddle components

· 100* 10μ column filters

· 100* 30μcolumn filters

· Quick Connector

· Waterproof hose 1 meter

· 14* film pads

· 1GB power cord

· 14* Luer connector

· 1* Dissolution Apparatus Suitcase

· 14* solid plastic raising balls with a diameter of 25mm


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  6. 15 years of experience in R&D and production of dissolution tester machine.
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