50L 80L Lab Crystallization Filter Reactor For CBD Isolate
50L 80L Lab Crystallization Filter Reactor For CBD Isolate

50L 80L Lab Crystallization Filter Reactor For CBD Isolate

The 50l 80l lab crystallization filter reactor for cbd isolate is vacuum filtered, and can also be used for concentration, distillation, extraction, crystallization and other reactions. It is commonly used in biopharmaceuticals, peptide synthesis, scientific research experiments, and is an ideal instrument for small-scale and pilot-scale production.
  • BrandLABOAO
  • ModelLCR-50L/80L
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The crystallization filter reactor is s a commonly used biochemical instrument, which combines the functions of the reactor and the filter. It suitable for the chemical reaction and physical process under the synthesis, catalysis or other solid liquid of the laboratory / factory, so that one or more steps can be carried out in the same kettle (such as filtration after the completion of the reaction), thus reducing the drift of material measurement and reducing the transfer times of the reaction substrate. It is used in such fields as pharmaceuticals, peptide synthesis, tobacco research and so on.

All contact parts are inert and hence allow the same equipment to be used with a wide range of chemicals and solvents . Appropriate filter is used to separate the solid particles of the slurry forming a filtered board. The filtrate drains to the bottom and can be collected from the bottom outlet valve . The filter cake can be easily removed from the bottom to wash PTFE filter.

It’s widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, especially in drug synthesis, fine chemical industry, petrochemical process, new material synthesis, concentration, crystallization and other experiments.


1. The controller box is imported and easy to operate, digital display speed and temperature

2. Option filter plate, pore size from 0.1 to 200μm

3. All glass is GG17 borosilicate glass

4. Filter board can easy removeable

5. PTFE paddle or glass paddle for clients’ option

6. PTFE bottom value with no dead angle design

7. PTFE discharge valve, discharge completely and quickly, no leak/pollution to the solvent.

8. PTFE and special rubber compound seal, can withstand different solvents and maintain high vacuum degree.

9. Stainless steel bracket system, easy to disassemble

10. Customized service according to customers' needs





Material   capacity



Jacket   capacity



Number of   lid openings

6(stir port,   temperature measure port, liquid port, solid port, vacuum port, spare port)

PTFE mixing   paddle

Double layer   push type

Motor speed


Speed mode


Temperature   display

Digital   Display

Discharge   valve

PTFE core   three-way valve can pass hydrogen

Filter   chassis

Removable   PTFE body

Filter plate

Imported material PTFE core

Filter   diameter


Sand core   aperture

40-60μm optional

Liquid feed   valve

PTFE   three-way valve

Sealing   method

Self-lubricating   mechanical seal

Use   environment temperature





220V/50Hz (can   be customized)


1. Spray   device(2 can be used to clean the sign body without dead angle at 360°   through negative pressure)

2. Explosion-proof   motors

3. Explosion-proof   inverter

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