Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen
Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen

Anaerobic Incubator With Touch Screen

The anaerobic incubator is a special device that can culture and operate bacteria in an anaerobic environment. It can provide strict anaerobic conditions, constant temperature culture conditions and a systematic and scientific working area. This device It can cultivate difficult-to-grow anaerobic organisms and avoid the risk of death of anaerobic organisms exposed to oxygen when operating in the atmosphere. Therefore, this device is an ideal equipment for anaerobic biological detection and scientific research.
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  • ModelLAI-3T
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The anaerobic incubator is composed of a constant temperature incubation room, an anaerobic operation room, a sampling room, a gas circuit and a circuit control system, a rack and other parts. The machine has the characteristics of good anaerobic environment, good sealing performance, high temperature control accuracy, good stability, convenient use, and good economy and reliability.


1. Use scientific and advanced methods to achieve high precision, constant performance, and constant temperature anaerobic environment in anaerobic environment, which is convenient for operators to operate and cultivate anaerobic bacteria in anaerobic environment.  The anaerobic incubator is a new generation of large-screen true-color touch screen microcomputer control type newly developed by our company, which can accurately and intuitively control the temperature and gas of the incubator, which is safe and reliable. It is simple and intuitive, and easy to operate.

2. This system uses Siemens PLC as the core controller, and is supplemented by high-precision temperature sensors, oxygen sensors, temperature control modules, and analog modules. It has high control accuracy, good stability, and high security; humanized man-machine interface, It is convenient for the operator to monitor the process data in real time.

3. Imported oxygen sensor is used to observe the oxygen concentration status in the operating room at any time (the oxygen concentration can be switched to% or PPM function).

4. The operation room is equipped with a deoxidizing catalyst, a special inoculation rod sterilizer, and a wax melting disinfection device.

5. With USB interface, memory can store 6 months of data.

6. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is installed in the box, and the gas enters the box after filtering, which can effectively avoid bacterial contamination.  The gas circuit device adopts a touch switch to control the solenoid valve, which can adjust the flow rate arbitrarily and accurately, and can input various required gases at will.

7. The incubator has a double-door widening design, which changes the phenomenon that the front window of the operating room is encountered when the single door is opened. The widening can place more culture dishes.  The cultivation room and operation room are made of stainless steel plates, which are smooth and elegant, anti-corrosion and durable.

8. The front window of the operating room is made of thickened transparent impact-resistant special glass plate, and the special gloves are reliable, comfortable, flexible and easy to use.

9. Equipped with leakage protector.




Time for creating anaerobic state in sample   chamber

5 minutes

Time for creating anaerobic state in   operation chamber

1 hour

Anaerobic environment maintenance time

12 hours(when no supply of mixed   gas)

Temperature Range


Temperature Stability


Temperature Uniformity


Display Resolution


Timing Range


Power   Rating


Power   Supply

AC   220V,50HZ

Net/Gross Weight(kg)


Interior Chamber Size(W×D×H)cm


Operation Chamber Size (W×D×H)cm


Exterior Size (W×D×H)cm


Package Size(W×D×H)cm


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