Closed High-throughput Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation Closed High-throughput Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation
Closed High-throughput Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation Closed High-throughput Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation

Closed High-throughput Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation

The outervessel of JUPITER exclusively made by ultrastrength aerospace composite fiberis invincible in anti-explosion, and its performance indicators such ascorrosion resistance, high temperature/impact/pressure resistance are far betterthan that of the widely used modified PEEK engineering plastics vessel (thismaterial is fusible at high temperature, fragile at high pressure and explosiveby chemical corrosion),fundamentally eliminating safety risks tooperator in use.
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JUPITER series microwave digestion/extraction workstation, integrated with the latest industrial technology and materials set a new example in the company, which together with MASTER series, forms the company's complete product line to meet the needs of various industries and strive to provide customers the safety, convenient, efficient, durable products and experience.

Quantified vertical blast/safety bolt design, ensures samples be closed completely and triggera quantified pressure relief while over pressure; safety bolt (patent) unit,instead of safety membraneand other consumables, ensure the digestion vesselbe sealed completely under normal working conditions. And only when thepressure is large enough and may constitute a danger to the safety, the safetybolt will automatically blow out vertically and the cover auto-up to releasethe pressure, achieving quantified vertical blast pressure-relief to guaranteeits well operation. Under normal operation, the safety bolt won’t blow out andrequires no replacement. In addition, it is easy for venting to open the coverafter completion of digestion.


1. Satisfy the requirements of different samples' digestion / extraction processing;

2. Up to 12 vessels high-throughput processing capacity;

3. Exclusive patented multifunctional safety bolt design, instead of explosion-proof membrane and other consumables

4. Aerospace composite fiber outer vessel-the highest level of security measures;

5. Large-screen color software interface, clear and direct-viewing in operation, bright in appearance and smart in performance.

6. Connected to and controlled by computer, achieving secure remote operation, and unlimited program storage database;

7. Small volume VS big chamber, which is advance in industrial design and provides perfect experience;





220-240   VAC 50/60Hz   8A

Microwave   frequency


Installed   power


Maximum   output power

1300Wnon-pulse   continuous automatic variable frequency control

Turntable   design

Load   12 JP-100 closed digestion vessels at same time (standard configuration is 10   vessels

Pressure   measurement and control system

Piezoelectric   crystal pressure sensor, pressure control range :0-10MPa (1500 psi), accuracy   ± 0.01MPa

Temperature   measurement and control system

High-precision   platinum resistor temperature sensor, temperature range:0-300°C,   accuracy ±1

Outer   vessel material

Explosion-proof   outer vessel made of aerospace composite fiber

Inner   vessel material

Modified   TFM material


JUPITER-A   apply JSs software. 5 inch color screen display, USB connection, can save   unlimited amount of digestion solution.

Simplified   JUPITER-B apply JSb software5 inch screen display and up to 50 methods can be stored

Chamber   exhaust system

High-power   anticorrosion axial fan, exhaust speed: 3.1 m3/min

Operating   ambient temperature

0-40   °C

Working   environment humidity


Whole   physical size

450*600*620mm (Width x Depth x Height)

Net   weight

42   KG

JP-100 and JK-100 digestion tank specifications

Applicable   models



Reaction   tank model



Batch   volume

Standard   10 digits, can be increased to 12 digits

Standard   10 digits, can be increased to 12 digits

Inner   tube material



Outer   tank material

Aerospace   composite fiber

Aerospace   composite fiber

Rotor   frame structure

Alloy   turntable integrated frame

Independent   frame

Reaction   tank volume



Maximum   design pressure



Maximum   design temperature







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  6. 15 years of experience in R&D and production of microwave digestion machine.
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We have a standard production workshop and a complete production team. They always produce a serious and responsible attitude to produce each product. Our R&D team is made up of multi-aspects professional engineers such as design engineer,technology specialist ,qualified specialist and process control manager, etc. Our qualified specialists strictly realize the process comprehensive supervision based on our quality process control system, which contains products design, research and development, test, production, quality inspection and packaging.

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Our product packaging has been proven over the long term and we usually have plywood boxes or cartons with trays. We will arrange the appropriate packaging according to the weight and size of the goods. Of course, you can also choose the packaging form.

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Our laboratory instruments and equipment are used in many scientific laboratories, scientific research institutions, universities, hospitals, centers for disease control and other institutions, and are combined with many well-known biopharmaceuticals, new energy, electronics companies, food processing, environmental protection, etc. Enterprise cooperation, our stable and reliable products are exported to more than 120 countries around the world, and have been highly recognized by them, believe LABOAO, we grow together!

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