Drug Stability Test Chamber For Durg Test Drug Stability Test Chamber For Durg Test Drug Stability Test Chamber For Durg Test Drug Stability Test Chamber For Durg Test
Drug Stability Test Chamber For Durg Test Drug Stability Test Chamber For Durg Test Drug Stability Test Chamber For Durg Test Drug Stability Test Chamber For Durg Test

Drug Stability Test Chamber For Durg Test

The Drug Stability Laboratory is suitable for accelerated testing, long-term testing and high humidity testing of pharmaceutical companies and new drugs. It is also suitable for long-term moisture-proof cycle testing of large-volume drugs. It is the best choice for pharmaceutical companies for large-scale drug storage and stability testing.
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The Drug stability test chamber is a scientific method to create a temperature, humidity environment and light environment that requires long-term stability for batch drug failure evaluation. It is suitable for accelerated testing, long-term testing, and high-humidity testing of pharmaceuticals and new drugs by pharmaceutical companies. The best choice for pharmaceutical companies to conduct large-scale drug storage and stability testing, to facilitate long-term moisture tolerance cycle testing of large quantities of drugs.


1. The centrifugal motor drives the fan blades to force the air to flow. The air is guided by the air duct to force the flow. The circulated gas enters the studio evenly, which can fully ensure the uniformity of temperature and humidity in the box. The left side of the box has a diameter 50mm test hole.

2. Adopt 2 sets of fully enclosed original imported compressors, one for use and one for standby automatically switch to ensure that the drug test runs continuously for a long time without failure. Break through the defect that domestic drug test chambers cannot run continuously for a long time.

3. There is no need for defrosting in continuous operation, to avoid fluctuations in temperature and humidity in the box due to defrosting during use.

4. The key components such as temperature and humidity controllers, compressors, and circulating fans are imported products, which have the characteristics of stable, safe and reliable operation for a long time.

5. It has an independent over-temperature, sound and light alarm to prompt the operator to ensure the safe operation of the laboratory without accidents.

6. It can be connected to a printer or 485 communication interface, and the temperature and time curve can be recorded with a computer and a printer, which provides a strong guarantee for the storage and playback of the test process data.

7. Structure: The equipment consists of a laboratory body, an air duct system, a heating system, a refrigeration system, a humidification system, and electrical control. The heater is located in the air duct and does not directly radiate the test sample. Uniform, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance

8. Water system: the water pump can run for a long time, automatically replenishing water to the electric steam humidifier, hidden water tank, you can add water when you pull out the water tank, and the water tank controller automatically prompts for water shortage

9. Safety protection function: grounding protection device, leakage/open circuit protection, heater short circuit protection, humidifier short circuit protection, water system water cut off, water shortage protection, compressor overload protection, independent over-temperature of studio, sound and light alarm

10. Meet the standard: GB10586-2006, meet the technical guidelines for chemical stability: strong light irradiation test 4500 ± 500LX, meet ICH: Q1B total illumination ≥ 1.2 × 106LuX.hr, near-ultraviolet energy ≥ 200W.hr/
















Temperature control   range

10 — 65.0

Temperature fluctuation


Temperature   distribution accuracy

≤ 1.5

Temperature deviation


Humidity range


Humidity Control   Accuracy


Test hole

The right side   of the box is φ50mm




DuPont R134a (environmentally   friendly refrigerant)


Color touch screen   programmable controller


Two sets of independent   Italian Zanussi compressors (fully enclosed), one for use and one   for   standby can be switched freely

Humidification method

Built-in electric   steam humidification, circulating water

Air conditioning   method

Forced ventilation   internal circulation balance temperature and humidity regulation

Heating method

Nickel-chromium alloy   electric heater, PID adjustment


German Heraeus   Class A high-precision armored platinum resistance sensor.


SUS304 mirror   stainless steel plate


The cold-rolled   sheet is processed and formed, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed after pickling and phosphating.

Open door structure

Single door,the   seal between the door and the box is made of environmentally friendly non-polluting and anti-aging silicone rubber, and the door has a locking device

Thermal insulation   material

Made of ultra-fine   fiberglass wool

Door seal

Silicone rubber   strip seal

Glass inner door

Double-layer insulating   glass 410×250 observation window

Water storage   tank


Number of laminates

2 sets, can be   adjusted up and down arbitrarily


4 removable casters,   2 with brake clips

Power supply


Rated power

1.2 KW





Running power

0.5 KW

0.5 KW



Studio size (W*D*H)







Dimensions (W*D*H)







Communication function

U disk export   record data, communication, accumulated timing, printing, data storage,   built-in 4GB memory card, mobile phone SMS alarm, three-level authority audit   tracking function


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